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Lead Generation Specialists

New Appointments and Leads Direct to Your Inbox

Your leadlabs campaigns communications are delivered results directly to your personal inbox as if you sent the communications yourself.

We Send up to 150 New Business Invites Per Day

Your ideal buyers are identified and approached to initiate conversations and meetings with you.

Grow Your Pipeline

While new messages are sent to prospective clients each day, we also follow up with prospects that have not yet replied to previous mails thus ensuring your pipeline grows each and every day.

The levels of leads our clients are provided.

Here is a quick breakdown of the lead levels that are provided in
accordance with the leadlabs service package you have purchased.

Types of leads - lead generation

Who Is It For?

  • Companies that require business leads or consumer leads can both use the leadlabs services.
  • It is the ideal system to help boost your daily sales outputs because it ensures that there is daily activity and communications with your prospective client thus freeing up your sales force to focus more time on closing the transaction and less so on  prospecting.
  • We do not recommend our services for companies with small markets, prospective client groups should be no less than 3000.
  • We also do not recommend our services for products that earn less than R1000 sales value in customer lifetime revenue as profitable scaling may be a challenge.

“The leadlabs services are developed to work as a support system for you and your sales team. Communications are personalised and sent as if you or your sales person is the original communicator. Thus leadlabs work quietly behind the scenes to ensure you hit your sales targets”

Leon Swartz - CEO - leadlabs

Business Leads

What We Do:

  • We identify and target the decision maker who will purchase your product.

  • We mine verified contacts in your target market no matter the business, industry or position – up to 3,000 contacts per month.

  • In addition we can do Linkedin Automation marketing and message your target clients requesting meetings or replies.

  • We write a proven, and powerful email campaign and deploy a series of 5 emails over a month time-frame.

  • These emails appear to your contacts as though you’re emailing them directly. When they reply, it goes straight to your inbox!

  • One monthly marketing call included to campaign, reporting & updates.

  • Hands on Campaign Management throughout.

What You Get:

  • Contacts interested in meeting with you replying directly to your email inbox!

Consumer Leads

What We Do:

  • Facebook marketing funnel strategy for Lead Generation.

  • Competitive Research so you can dominate your market and reach more people.

  • Exhaustive Facebook Audience Targeting Research.

  • Facebook ad campaign implementation & tracking.

  • Create copy for ads, which is cohesive with your brand’s voice and the messaging on the relevant URLs for each campaign. 

  • Campaign landing pages for lead generation or direct sales as required.

  • One monthly marketing call included to discuss ads, reporting & updates.

  • Hands on Campaign Management throughout.

What You Get:

  • Targeted leads (name, email, phone number) of people interested in your product or service delivered right to your email inbox!

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